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Any changes introduced into a business can be difficult, and new technology is no different.

An online expense management system has numerous benefits to the business, but what about the implementation? Employees can be reluctant to adopt changes, so here are some top tips for a smooth transition.


Explain the need for change

Do your employees understand the problems with the current system? Clear communication from the beginning will help them to welcome in the new technology, which will benefit everyone.


Sell the benefits

Do employees know that the new technology isn’t just about saving you time and money? It’s for them as well! With an online expense management system, employees will save time and effort by efficiently recording expense claims, meaning quicker payments.


Make Training Available

Make sure everyone knows how to use the new tech. Make time available to train staff, and make sure they're confident with the new processes. Also ensure they know who to contact if they need help.


Address Concerns

Again, clear communication to everyone is essential. Eliminate any misunderstandings, or preconceptions. Addressing concerns early on will help employees to adopt new technology with open arms!