New technologies such as smartphones, tablets and cloud software are making it increasingly easier to access information regardless of an employees location.

As a company you may be hesitant of adopting this form of working as there may be a feeling of losing control.

However, this new way of working attracts talented employees from all over the world and can help retain staff.

Benefits and objections to flexible working conditions
There is little doubt that remote working will appeal to most employees. In a recent survey 64% of those working from home were much happier with their employer compared to 54% of those who work in the office.
Remote working can help to provide flexibility as time spent commuting to and from the office can be spent completing productive tasks.

Calls, emails and meetings can be held form anywhere and childcare is much more easily managed. Employers have the ability to attract a pool of talent who would otherwise have to turn down the opportunity due to family commitments.

However, research shows that there are still employers that are yet to adopt the new working behaviour.
One of the biggest fears for employers is that staff may be likely to treat a day at home as a ‘day off’ and be less productive.

Another fear is working form home can be full of distractions such as lie-in's, TV and household chores. These may occur from time to time however, there are plenty more distractions in the workplace. Meetings, phone calls, colleagues and noise can all distract an employee from doing their work making it harder for them to focus.

Technology on the move
Technology is changing the way businesses work. We're moving away from using print-outs and converting to the world of cloud computing.

Cloud software like Basecamp, Webmail and Skype allow you to create projects, schedule tasks, share files and talk to your colleagues all from your sofa.

The powerful engine of Google Docs allows you not only to store files remotely, but access them just when you need to … like when you have just left the USB stick with your files on at home!

Clever technology is allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world and access people, technology and applications to help them stay forever-connected to their place of work. Ideally it should no longer be necessary for companies to be restricted by location, but use the ever-growing range of devices that will help then use talent from all over the world.

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