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LATEST EXPENSES SCANDAL - Why is Monitoring Expenses Vital?

It is a fact… mismanaged expenses costs UK businesses untold amounts of money every year, and we are inundated with examples of how this happens by looking at the news. The latest example comes from Oxford University. The Daily Mail recently reported that one University boss claimed a staggeri... Read more

The Lost Receipts (and the easy solution)!

A lot of problems that are associated with expense claiming, begin with this very simple issue; employees lose the receipt!   Sadly, many field employees are culprits of this. There may be some who regularly lose that important piece of paper, and on a large scale, this can become a co... Read more

Top Tips for Writing an Effective Employee Expense Policy

Many of the problems associated with expense claiming stems from an inadequate or non-existent expense policy! It is vital to have a policy in place which is available to all employees and enforceable. At MyExpensesOnline, we aim to take the frustration and hassle out of expense claiming. The... Read more

Dreading the Month End Expenses?

It’s the end of the month (again), which means a roundup of expense claims for many employees, submitting the claims and locating the lost receipts - which can often cause further delays and means missing the batch process of salaries and expense payments. In these circumstances, the expenses wi... Read more