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GDPR - Common Myths - True or False?

"My business only trades B2B - GDPR does not affect us"FALSE - Any personal data which is processed by a company from employee data to email addresses for marketing contacts, is subject to the new regulations."We are a UK company and the GDPR won't apply to us after Brexit"FALSE - When the GDPR regu... Read more

A MyExpensesOnline Case Study - Bibendum PLB

The Bibendum PLB Group specialise in selling wine, spirits and bears to the UK trade and consumer, and handles many expense claims from staff each month.   AP Manager, Chris, has worked in various roles in Finance and come across many different ways of managing expenses, particularly i... Read more

GDPR – What You Need to Know about the Lawful Bases for Processing?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is designed to overhaul and modernise current data protection laws. The processing of personal data is to be strictly regulated and provide data subjects with more control over their data.Under the GDPR you must have a valid lawful basis in order to proc... Read more