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22 Aug 2014

Sonomatic Case Study

Sonomatic looked at various options but chose MyExpensesOnline as we ticked all of the right boxes, listened carefully to their needs and offered them full support throughout their project

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24 Jun 2014

Duty of Care - Your employee's are your responsibility

They must ensure crucial steps are taken to guarantee an employees health, safety and well-being are at all times cared for and this includes full-time and part-time staff

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17 Jun 2014

How to prepare for an expenses audit from HMRC

HMRC audits have caused sleepless nights for many an account department across the UK. Fortunately, this unpleasant scenario can be averted if you are well prepared

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29 May 2014

Can your business and employees benefit from remote working?

New technologies such as smartphones, tablets and cloud software are making it increasingly easier to access information regardless of an employees location

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08 May 2014

Balfour Beatty join MyExpensesOnline for all their expense management needs

We can safely say we succeeded in improving each requirement by creating a bespoke expenses system for Balfour Beatty to deal directly with their frustrations

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03 Mar 2014

Exciting News: Our MyExpensesOnline Android App has now been released!

It’s perfect for when you are travelling, as it let’s you keep track of your expenses on the go, just log in and begin to build your claim

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