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HMRC Changes to Advisory Fuel Rates – June 2017

HMRC have made changes to advisory fuel rates. These rates are reviewed quarterly, and only apply to employees using a company car if:   ·         You reimburse employees for business travel ·         O... Read more

Can You Afford the Cost of Badly Managed Expenses?

Following on from our recent blog about bizarre expense claims, how about excessive claims?   It has been reported that the PR chief for the HS2 rail link has spent thousands of pounds on coasters, t-shirts and tickets to party conferences (including the SNP, despite the HS2 not going ... Read more

Expenses to be Probed by HMRC

HMRC offers tax relief to employees who have not been reimbursed by their employer. Unclaimed expenses, such as uniforms, business travel, professional fees or working from home, can be worth a lot of money to the employee. In the five years to 2014-15, the cost of this tax relief has increas... Read more

Bizarre Expense Claims

HMRC’s published list of the top ten most bizarre expense claims it has received.   ·         Pet food for a Shih Tzu “guard dog” ·         Armani jeans as protective clothing for a painter & decora... Read more

Top Tips for Rolling Out New Technology

Top Tips for Rolling Out New Technology   Any changes introduced into a business can be difficult, and new technology is no different.An online expense management system has numerous benefits to the business, but what about the implementation? Employees can be reluctant to adopt changes... Read more