A lot of problems that are associated with expense claiming, begin with this very simple issue; employees lose the receipt!


Sadly, many field employees are culprits of this. There may be some who regularly lose that important piece of paper, and on a large scale, this can become a constant headache, not only for the finance team, but also for the claimants who are unable to reclaim in good time.


So, what is the solution?


What is needed is an app which employees can have on their phones, to eliminate the need to keep receipts, and allow the expense claim process to begin as soon as the purchase is made. At MyExpensesOnline we have an app exactly for that purpose.


MEO mobile allows the use of our ReceiptStash feature. Claimants can capture that receipt as soon as a purchase is made, and save for later.


It’s as simple as that. After the picture has been taken, it doesn’t matter what happens to those receipts, and ReceiptStash will store the image so that the claimant can simply login at a time more convenient, to complete the claim, and submit.


There are numerous ways an automated expense process can help your business. Contact a member of our team to find out how simple expense claiming can really be!