A new year is a fresh start, and everywhere people are setting their goals and resolutions for January onwards, but what about your business goals?


Perhaps you have already considered financial goals and plans for the year ahead, or perhaps you need some inspiration?


There are key areas which you could look to setting financial goals:

·         Increasing Revenue

·         More effective cashflow management

·         Reducing Expenses


Not only are there financial goals to consider, but also other business goals or could it be that you have already been considering automated expense management as a new year project?


At MyExpensesOnline we aim to provide a service which will help to achieve a vital goal of reducing employee expenses. In doing so, you are free to concentrate on those other business goals, knowing that expenses are taken care, and that inadequate management on expenses won’t hold you back.


How could automating expenses help reduce your costs and save time?

·         MyExpensesOnline will provide an effortless solution for your employees, allowing them to quickly upload receipts and make claims from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes

·         Lost receipts are no longer a problem. MEO allows the user to photograph the receipt and save for later

·         Authorising managers do not need to spend hours checking each individual claim. The system will have your expenses policy built in, to stop non-compliant claims from being made

·         MyExpensesOnline will integrate with your accounting software, to automatically produce accurate payment information. Processing expense claims becomes a straight forward task.

·         VAT is accurately calculated on claims

·         Mileage estimates become and thing of the past, and you can ensure that employees are being paid accurately for the journeys they make.


If you would like to find out more about the benefits of MyExpensesOnline, or would like to see the system in action, please contact us, to arrange a free demonstration.