Rightmove are the largest property portal in the UK.

With over 400 employees, and a manual expense claiming process in place, there were several concerns for them. The foremost of these was the time taken to process claims. Expense forms and receipts were circulated by post, making approval times long. The end result being longer processing times and late payments to claimants.

Not being the ideal situation, for neither the finance team, nor the claimants, Rightmove decided to take action, and implemented our expenses software.

meo-business was able to provide a far more efficient solution to expense claiming, and Rightmove particularly benefited from; 

  • A streamlined process & improved efficiency
  • A much quicker turnaround
  • Visibility for employees (tracking their expense claims)


Having an automated expense solution, like that available through meo-business, removed the need for expense claims and receipts being posted, and therefore employees are particularly keen on our ReceiptStash. Enabling employees to photograph their receipts, has meant no more paper, no lost receipts and everything is available online in one place. All meaning time saved by claimants, authorisers, and finance team members.

Rightmove have also benefited from the fantastic support, which we have to offer, noting a quick response time, and very helpful team.

We are also delighted with the results, and very much look forward to continue working with Rightmove.