The expense claim which is one of the most susceptible to fraud is mileage.

There can be some genuine reasons for inaccurate claims, such as employees not keeping accurate records, but unfortunately a culture has developed where employees consistently claim inaccurately for mileage, because they feel entitled because they feel underpaid or that expense policies don’t reimburse them adequately. They may also feel that it makes no difference to the company.


Unfortunately, however, small excesses added onto mileage claims will quickly add up, resulting in fraud and we need only look in the media to see examples of this.


These are some common practices to look out for, which may be costing your business;

·         Overestimated length of journey

·         Claiming for a journey which didn’t take place

·         2 employees sharing a car, but both claiming

·         Adding personal trips onto business mileage


Of course, at MyExpensesOnline we aim to take away many of the problems associated with mileage fraud. With an automated system, postcode and mapping services will determine the exact length of a journey. Any extra mileage claimed for will need to be accompanied with an explanation, meaning fraudulent mileage claims are easier to spot.


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