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 Time to think about saying goodbye to 2018, and welcoming 2019!


Many people like to start the new year with a new year resolution (a well-intentioned new diet or exercise regime being amongst the classics), but also businesses can use the opportunity to set some new goals for what they would like to achieve in the year to come.

Somewhere along the line, this is likely to include an overall goal to increase profit, whether by increasing revenue, or decreasing costs (or both)! This is where meo-business can help. We aim to provide software solutions which will; a) maximise your profit and b) save your employees time, which will in turn improve productivity. All of which contributes to the bigger goal!

So, how could using an expense solution, like meo-business, help reduce your costs and save time? 

  • meo-business will provide an effortless solution for your employees, allowing them to quickly upload receipts and make claims from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes
  • Lost receipts are no longer a problem. meo-business allows the user to photograph the receipt and save for later
  • Authorising managers do not need to spend hours checking each individual claim. The system will have your expenses policy built in, to stop non-compliant claims from being made
  • meo-business will integrate with your accounting software, to automatically produce accurate payment information. Processing expense claims becomes a straight forward task.
  • VAT is accurately calculated on claims, maximising your reclaimable amount
  • Mileage estimates become a thing of the past, and you can ensure that employees are being paid accurately for the journeys they make


meo-business might not be able to help with your new diet, but we can help your business to save money, by taking away the pains associated with employee expenses. The benefits will be reaped across your company, from the claimant to the finance team.

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