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Is Your Expenses Policy Simply for Show?

Having an effective expenses policy for all employees, can really help to control claims and give clear guidelines on the processes which need to be adhered to.


Unfortunately, as is often the case, the expense policy is filed away and either becomes unenforceable or employees are unaware it exists altogether! As a result, the finance team is constantly under pressure to chase and nag for those claims, and UK businesses are losing thousands of pounds every year with inaccurate claims.


Compliance is also becoming more and more important, with fines increasing and greater emphasis placed on accountability.


So, it is more important than ever to make sure that your expenses policy is effective and strictly enforced. There is no better way to do that, than with an automated system.


An automated system can be set up to enforce your expense policy, whatever that may be. Allowances are set, authorisation levels given, and reporting tools given to monitor and track every single expense. Bypassing the expenses policy is simply not an option, reducing risks of fraud, and all expenses are compliant and easily available for auditing.


MyExpensesOnline can help your business to use your expenses policy in exactly the way it is intended! Contact the team today, to find out more.