GDPR comes into force on 25th May 2018, but it doesn’t end there. Every company that handles personal data will have ongoing data management responsibilities, and ignoring these could result in costly fines from the ICO.


Companies who process and hold thousands of individual pieces of personal data will need to adopt a new way of working to make sure that they are demonstrating their compliance with the new rules, and ensure they are keeping a record of accountability.


What is the best way to do this?


Not long after the team at MEO started assessing the changes we would need to implement within our own company (in line with Article 30), we realised the enormous amount of time which would be required to manage our data and so concluded that there must be an easier way – an automated way of managing data.


And so, i-Comply-GDPR was designed.


Put simply, a data handling tool which any company looking to manage their data responsibilities under GDPR would be lost without! Daily data management which becomes part of your working processes, and gives piece of mind that all your data is compliant at any given time.


Features include:

-          GDPR Policy builder – simple to create and update

-          Delegate tasks and responsibilities – everybody knows what they need to do

-          Easily manage data retention with reminders generated from your policies

-          Handle data subject requests

-          Audit trail of accountability


Sounds too good to be true? Call our expert team on 01270 611800 and ask how i-Comply-GDPR can save you time with data management, and more importantly, provide records of compliance under GDPR.