We are now well into the era of the GDPR, and the ICO’s first annual report, since the implementation of the new data protection laws has been released.

The report has revealed an increase of 15% in public data protection complaints, and an increase in self-reported data protection breaches of 30%.

Given the publicity surrounding the GDPR, and recent high profile investigations, public data protection awareness is higher than ever before. It is therefore no surprise that the complaints are increasing.

As part of the report, the Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham said;


“This is an important time for privacy rights. A new legal framework in our immediate future, increased public interest in their data protection and access rights. Transparency and accountability must be paramount, otherwise it will be impossible to build trust in the way that personal information is obtained, used and shared online.”


Now more than ever, it is time to adjust business activities to put data protection foremost. Doing so, will reduce the risk of complaints, and increase trust in your company’s ability to protect data.

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