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How Big Should You Be Before You Automate Your Expenses?

When it comes to growing your business, it can often feel like automating is something that only big businesses should be doing. But this perception is wrong, and automating processes sooner rather than later can bring many benefits.

Automating your expenses is something that any business can do at any size. From small businesses with only a handful of expense claiming employees, through to large businesses with hundreds or even thousands of employees. No matter how large your business is, you can get started with automated expenses at any time, and you'll be able to benefit in a range of different ways.

The Benefits Of Automated Expenses

Small business benefits
  • Ensures you keep track of your VAT and maximises what you can reclaim
  • Record keeping for HMRC

Larger business benefits
  • Makes adhering to policy easy
  • Proper authorisation control
MyExpensesOnline grows with you, and adapts to match the changes taking place in your business, allowing you to change workflow, update authorisation and add and update rules. See more of the benefits of our online expense management software here.

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