We all know there are many employees who like to push the boundaries, and inflate their expense claims, but would your expense claiming system allow for some of these outlandish claims?


A study has recently been conducted by Soldo, of 2500 British workers, and worryingly, it seems that exaggerated mileage is not high on the list of questionable claims! The study found that claims have been made for items such as cod liver oil, compost, an inflatable sheep, a new freezer and even visits to a strip club!

38% admitted they regularly put through things which they know they shouldn't, without regret.


The big question is, does your expense claiming process allow for claims such as these?

The process of manually checking expense claims is a breeding ground for this over claiming expense culture. Employees feel they can put through expenses, like those mentioned above, because they will go unchecked. There is however, a way to stop this.

  1. Start as you mean to go on. An effective Employee Expenses Policy will set out what’s allowed and what’s not. This needs to be given to everyone, and not hidden away in a drawer.
  2. Have clear lines of authorisation, ensuring expenses are checked
  3. Automate your expenses. There is simply no better way to manage expenses! Automation means set limits on expense claims. Mileage is calculated using mapping technology. There is no room for an over claiming culture.
  4. Make sure your expenses are authorised and paid on time. Keep your employees happy in the knowledge that they won’t be waiting for months to get their expenses paid (providing they are complaint)