Accurate expense claims can be a particular pain for any company and no-one knows this better than Mr.Claus himself.


Given that there are 24,902 miles around the world and not every house is located in a nice neat straight line, Santa’s mileage claim alone can be a tricky one to calculate. His job itself is very high pressure as he needs to make sure he misses nobody out, but now also to keep track of those journeys for Mr Tax Man.


He has had strict orders this year to remember to keep all the receipts for on-the-go drinks and carrot snacks as HMRC won’t allow any claims he submits without accurate evidence that they have been bought. Even Santa Claus himself is not exempt from the stringent HMRC regulations.


Last year he submitted a claim twice and got a slapped wrist from Mrs. Claus who has to waste her time double checking every submission and make sure his mileage is correct. He always forgets that only the first 10,000 miles can be reclaimed at 45p and after that its only 25p a mile.


After one too many whisky tots he also managed to lose all the receipts he had popped in his pocket in a snow storm in Peru so couldn’t even claim for 15 refuels, a very costly mistake.


Now if Father Christmas had a little more time he would have called the Point Progress team and automated his expenses with our easy to use online software.


If he had just made that one quick phone call he would have found out that it only takes a matter of days to start using the system and save the money wasted in trying to do it all himself.


He could have then worked out all his mileage in advance with the automatic route calculator, scanned all his receipts on his smartphone and simply attached them to every claim. This would have helped him avoid spending all that time at the end of the financial year submitting his forms and he would have automatically reclaimed all the VAT he was entitled too.


Oh well, if he is quick enough this year then the team would still be able to get him up and running with his new expenses software before the big Christmas day. So if anyone has the chance, remember to tell him to stop trying to be superman (he looks even sillier in that outfit) and drop the friendly team at Point Progress a call, it could take the pain of expenses out of the Festive Season.