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Expenses - Why Go Digital?

Tracking business expenses can be a time consuming and costly process. So, a digital system could be the answer. Here are some of the top benefits of using an online expense management system.

Increased efficiency

Employees can report their expenses and upload receipts. This can be reviewed by the authorising manager anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

MyExpensesOnline is integrated with your accounting software, to automatically produce accurate payment information.


No more lost receipts!

The age-old problem for so many finance departments – the receipt is lost, never to be seen again! With an online expenses system, photos of receipts can be taken and saved alongside the claim, as soon as they are received.


VAT Compliance

Accurate VAT data is collected and used for VAT returns and P11D’s, saving you time at the end of the year.


Accurate Mileage Claims

Estimated mileages for business journeys become a thing of the past. Postcodes are used to calculate the distance travelled, and you can be sure to be reimbursed at the correct rate.


Cost Reduced

Processing claims, particularly in large businesses with hundreds or thousands of employees, can take up enormous amounts of time and money. A digital system can save time and money.