A study conducted by Allstar Business Solutions, has found that UK professionals who over claim on their expenses, are estimated to be costing the UK economy £1.6 billion every year!


The study also found the following:

  •         36% of drivers over claimed mileage
  •          17% of employees deliberately over claimed on all their expenses
  •          41% didn’t see anything wrong with overclaiming (despite it being illegal)


The figures above show a developing culture of overclaiming where many employees feel they are entitled to do so, because of unfair wages or to compensate for claims not made, and many others will overclaim simply because everybody else is doing it!


At MyExpensesOnline, we have developed a system which eliminates many of problems associated with over claiming. Automated systems make the practice of over claiming impossible, and promotes fairness and honesty. Talk to the team, to find out more.