A recent report conducted by Allstar Business Solutions, has highlighted some interesting and alarming facts about the culture surrounding expense claiming in the UK.


73% of the people surveyed said they spent up to £100 on business expenses every month, and a quarter said that they charged their employers an extra 20% every time they submitted a claim.


The reason for this?


40% responded that they felt they didn’t get paid enough, while 28% said that they over claimed because they could get away with it!


The report also revealed some of the most bizarre expenses which claimants had tried to slip past management including;

·         Flowers

·         Drinks for personal use

·         Home improvements

·         Personal groceries

·         Windscreen wiper blades

·         Shaving foam and razor

·         Personal parking fines

·         Meals not business related

·         Hotel break with the family

·         Underwear


The impact of this culture highlighted by these results, on UK businesses, and the economy will be severe. Ultimately the underlying issue is that claimants do not care that over claiming or claiming for things they shouldn’t, is both dishonest and illegal.


What can be done?


It is now more than every vital, that employers carefully monitor their employee expenses, and in doing so, save money.


1.      Start as you mean to go on. An effective Employee Expenses Policy will set out what’s allowed and what’s not. This needs to be given to everyone, and not hidden away in a drawer

2.      Have clear lines of authorisation, ensuring expenses are checked

3.      Automate your expenses. There is simply no better way to manage expenses! Automation means set limits on expense claims. Mileage is calculated using mapping technology. There is no room for an over claiming culture

4.      Make sure your expenses are authorised and paid on time. Keep your employees happy in the knowledge that they won’t be waiting for months to get their expenses paid (providing they are complaint)


If your business is suffering as a result of this culture, please speak to our team at MyExpensesOnline to find out how we can help.