Reynolds is one of the leading fresh fruit and veg suppliers, and wholesalers to the UK food service and catering industry, but like many other businesses, they were experiencing the many problems associated with manual expense claiming.


Prior to automating their expenses, there was no formal system. Spreadsheets were used, but there was no consistency. The process was time consuming and the finance team heard all kinds of excuses for claims not being submitted!


Financial controller, Julia, believed that an automated expense process would be the way forward, and was looking for a simple, straightforward solution which would be cost effective.


Having effectively implemented MyExpensesOnline as their expenses solution, what have been the benefits?


  • Clarification amongst employees has been excellent. Everyone knows what they can claim, when and how.
  • The system is easy for employees to understand
  • There is no longer a need for messy inconsistent spreadsheets, which employees struggled with


An effective expense management tool, is not all that MyExpensesOnline provided, but also the technical support to help implement and maintain the software. Julia remarked that “of all the projects we have ever done, this has been by far the easiest to implement. Considering this was all done over the phone, I cannot fault the service”.


Having used MyExpensesOnline for over 1 year, the conclusion has been that MEO is a cost effective, efficient system, which is excellent value for money.