Since the expenses of MP’s came to light, others are under scrutiny for their procedures and claims, and Channel 4’s Dispatches has revealed the latest exorbitant claims made by vice chancellors and other senior staff at many of the UK’s universities.


The 197 freedom of information requests sent, revealed that amongst the expense claims made were:

·         A “pornstar martini”

·         £1,300 for a work of art

·         £79 for a silver salver

·         Easter eggs

·         £110 for a Fortnum & Mason hamper

·         £32.50 for four Laura Ashley mugs

·         Cost associated with relocating a pet dog from Australia!


The total costs of expenses amongst all these universities came to £8 million!

Some universities declined to co operate or simply did not respond to the requests for information.


To take one example, Sheffield University, the reimbursed expenses in one two-year period, for Keith Burnett (Vice-Chancellor) totalled £1,242. However, this figure did not include spending on company credit cards, which included a further £91,187 on food, drink, flights and hotels! His deputy ran up a further £35,063. The university responded with; “We do not classify business expenditure incurred via a university purchasing card as ‘expenses’.”


These are very worrying statistics, providing proof of a developing culture, that expense claims can be overexaggerated or go through unchecked, or without reasonable limits.


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