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Driving Licence checking is a vital part of your duty of care as an employer, and a legal requirement.


Checking validity, endorsements and risk assessing your drivers shows your commitment to the safety of your employees, and is also a legal requirement for employers. Often however, licence checking can be an arduous task, and a manual process is simply not sufficient. Fortunately software is here to make our lives easier.

A simple licence checking service is often all that is required to fulfil your duty of care obligations as an employer, but finding one which meets your needs at a reasonable cost can be hard.

Have you been affected by the recent announcement by DriveTech; that it will no longer offer licence checking as a standalone service to new or existing customers?

Perhaps you are looking into different options now available to you? Drivercare by MEO-Business offers employers a simple solution to check drivers licences and vehicle information, assisting with meeting your legal obligation, whilst saving you lots of checking time.

Take a look at what Drivercare can offer, or request a free demo.


Automatic driving licence checking software