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Why ASICS the high performance sports brand chose MyExpensesOnline

Asics have been researching and developing high performance running shoes and sports apparel for over 60 years, for them innovation is key.


This year they looked to MyExpensesOnline to save the time and money that they were spending on their expenses management process.


Rob, the Management Accountant for ASICS said:


“I found out about MyExpensesOnline from a previous employer and saw the benefit of introducing the system to ASICS. Our current manual expense system was far too labour intensive and time consuming. We really needed a solution that would streamline the whole process”.


With many employees processing their expense claims per month, our expenses software was a perfect solution for Asics and fit neatly into their financial system.


Asics found the key benefits of our expenses software:


·         It resolved their processing issues, speeding up the time taken to pay expense claims

·         It integrated perfectly with their finance and management systems

·         They could immediately start enjoying a return on their investment through a swift implementation


The employees in the financial department could now spend more time concentrating on areas of their jobs that made the business money, not chasing the staff for their expense claims.


Rob said, “I would certainly recommend to other companies who need a better solution for managing their expenses.”


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