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What are the consequences of not embracing mobile working?

As a business owner you may have your reservations about giving your employees a free pass to work at home.

Cloud computing has helped to change the ways that UK employees perform their daily duties in the workplace.

Armed with laptops, smartphones and tablets, it is possible for employees to be anywhere in the world and still complete their work.

So why is it so important to recognise this?

The time has come for businesses to join the mobile world and explore the many benefits it can bring to their business, or else they face being forgotten.

So what are the consequences of not embracing this new way of working?

Employees may not enjoy their work
One of the biggest fears among employers is that they think their mobile workers will be less productive at home.

If your employee is confined to the office desk on a 9-5 shift pattern, they could soon start to loose all enthusiasm.

Flexible working can boost morale and employee satisfaction if they are able to have the option to work at home.

Many employees prefer to work at home as they believe the quieter environment increases their productivity, as they aren’t constantly being badgered for information, meetings or phone calls.

You may not attract top talent
As a business owner you will want the best to work for you. You will want to keep your current staff whilst still attracting able newcomers.

Remote working is a great way to attract new employees in a competitive market.

When looking for a new job most candidates look to see if flexible working is an option, if not then they may not apply or even turn down a job.

Less cost effective
Going mobile means that your business will be able to reduce its costs significantly in areas such as bills, stationary and rent.

If all remote working staff are in and out of your offices, you may be able to downsize your offices reducing costs in rent.

If you are thinking about introducing remote working in to your business, you must have a policy.

Having a formal remote working policy can help you and your staff to see the benefits of this working process, however for this to be achieved it must be communicated correctly.

The policy should outline employee responsibilities when working at home. These can include responding to phone calls, emails and messages.

You may also enforce rules informing the employee that they must work in the office some days of the week, what hours they should be working to and from etc.

To monitor employee’s progress, regular appraisals and meetings with managers can help to make sure all work is on track or to tackle any problems that may occur.

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