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Top 5 Cloud Software Systems We Love

Cloud computing applications are software systems that can be either downloaded or can be accessed online.

Many people use cloud-based software when working away from their desks and so have become increasingly popular with remote workers.

Cloud applications allow employees to access their personal information from anywhere around the globe which is useful for people who travel often for work related events. Another positive about this kind of software is that it can update itself automatically without the user needing to purchase an upgrade or do it themselves.

We’ve collated our five favourite cloud-based software systems that are reliable and easy to use.

As we know with the Skype is a downloadable app for smartphones, tablets and desktops that enables you to make audio and video calls to another person on their device.

You can also call mobiles or landline numbers for a small fee.

The video chat feature is a cost effective way to meet up with clients or other employees rather than travelling to and from various cities.

Microsoft have brought together their OneDrive (used to be called SkyDrive), Office and SharePoint technology under one roof, and the result is very impressive.

You are able to manage your files and give colleagues access to documents by simply clicking Share and typing in their email address.

We all know Office, but Office365 takes that to the cloud enabling you to work with you Word, Excel and other office docs without the need for the software.

With apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you can access everything everywhere.

Basecamp allows you to create various projects folders in which you can add tasks.

These tasks can be assigned to people who are involved in the project and dates can also be assigned as to when a project needs to be completed by.

It is also possible to hold project discussions, share files and create text documents.

Mail Chimp
This online software is an email-marketing platform, which allows businesses of all sizes to design and publish email campaigns.

Another great feature of this software is that you are able to measure the success of your campaign as Mail Chimp integrates with Google analytics.

Toggl is a time keeping software in which you are able to create projects and assign a certain amount of time for each project.

You can also download the app onto your desktop so that it more convenient to stop and start your timer when logging how long it takes to do a task.

Toggl is a great way to monitor how long is left on a project and makes billing incredibly accurate.

In Summary
Cloud based applications are growing as the world becomes more connected and mobile technology advances.

Like our own MyExpensesOnline, it allows people to work from remote locations and access all of the applications and software as if they were sat in their office or home.

Cloud based software apps are opening opportunities and bringing with them exciting times ahead not only transforming the way we work, but the way we communicate with the rest of the world.

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