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The Christmas Party Travel and Tribulations

The party month is fast approaching, as you start to plan celebrating a year of hard work.

For most departments the slow down starts as staff begin to relax their efforts and start to think about their party outfits, free cocktails and overnight stays. 

However, with all your staff travelling to one location for the evening it can cause your finance team a real nightmare.

Staff will need to get to the venue by plane, train or by car, they may need overnight accommodation, a taxi ride and on the go food and drink.

They will also want to submit their expenses for the party before Christmas and get paid the correct amount before leaving for their Christmas Holidays.

The more employees you have, the greater the problem it creates. If you don’t have an adequate expenses process, especially by operating a paper-based system, you can find your accounts department over-run with piles of paperwork to process all in time for the festive period.

Trying to process expenses quickly can lead to silly mistakes being made.

Common inaccuracies include:

·         Applying the wrong mileage rates

·         Accepting exaggerated mileage

·         Processing  hotel stays at more expensive room rates than staff are entitled to

·         Processing travel costs for staff who were only passengers in a car

If you feel you need help controlling your staff expenses, give a member of the expense team a call and we can talk through simple ways to reduce the problem for this year’s Christmas Celebrations.