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Chairman and predecessor resign from Ref Association in expenses scandal

The chairman of the Referees Association and his predecessor have quit their positions due to an expenses row.

Nigel Genner & Colin Harris who lead more than 12,000 referees, have been accused of inappropriately abusing the organisation’s finances by Referee Association official Bart O’Toole.

The two leaders of the union claimed for overnight accommodation, meals and drinks for 6 people on the eve of the FA Cup final rally, when the Association clearly stipulated only travel costs should be reimbursed.

After O’Toole’s protest, the expenses were later reimbursed to the Referee Association, but then subsequently paid back to both parties from a different budget.

It is a particular embarrassing affair for the FA when they are calling for more respect to be shown to match officials and throughout their union.

New Chairman Albert Astbury said: There was an expenses policy which the two gentlemen didn’t follow.’

The news shows that even individuals in well-known organizations still attempt to abuse company expenses for their own financial gain.  It also highlights the importance that an expense policy has in rectifying disputes quickly and effectively, by having a clear document to refer to when an employee attempts to claim for unreasonable expenses.