HMRC audits have caused sleepless nights for many an account department across the UK. Fortunately, this unpleasant scenario can be averted if you are well prepared.

To help finance teams survive the stress, we've put together a few helpful tips to help you comply with HMRC's guidelines.

Know the reasons for their visit
Many people feel like HMRC are trying to find fault when they make a visit to do an audit but this isn't the case.

Do your homework and understand what the reasons for their visit are. Find out what their plan is for the next year and ask as many questions as you can to gain more knowledge and information.

Ensure processes are organised
Once HMRC decide to audit a company's travel and expense process, many people think they will only want to see receipts and completed forms- but that's not the case.

Clear and enforced expenses policy
HMRC will want to check your current expense policy to understand how you organize staff expenses e.g. how employees should travel for business and how you expect them to spend the organisations money.

Appropriate approval process
Approval processes are audited too so that HMRC can see the right level of people are signing off the right level of expenses.

Correct documents and checks
HMRC will also examine relevant documents to make sure that they are all completed to a high standard as well as ensuring that checks have been carried out when completing these documents.

Tax and VAT compliance
When it comes to tax and VAT compliance, HMRC will want to see significant evidence for VAT recovery purposes.

Secure payment process
By also looking your payment process, HMRC can verify whether it is vulnerable enough for employees to help themselves to more funds.

Keep your evidence
It is essential to keep all of your employees receipts for their expenses claims to prove that expenditure has been made and that it is reimbursable by your company and receipts help to quickly prove this.

Make life easier when it comes to expenses
Many organisations don't have the time or money to employ a whole team of expense auditors. However, there are ways to simplify the process without breaking the bank.

Expenses management system help to improve the process of doing and reporting expenses a lot easier, simpler and faster.

MyExpensesOnline makes it simple to input, approve and pay staffs expenses online and company policies can automatically be updated using our system.

Regardless of whether you have an audit scheduled, it is always a good idea to keep your employees expense claims up-to-date and organized, just in case you the HMRC spring one on you at the last minute.

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