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How Cloud Technology can help your business succeed

Cloud Computing seems to be the latest buzz word to hit the technology market, but what are the real benefits for you as the user?


The term ‘cloud computing’ or using the less romantic label SaaS (Software as a Service) means in its most rudimentary form, that software is deployed over the internet and used by someone on a personal computer or local area network.

Using hosted software removes the need to buy, install and manage it at the users end, creating a speedy implementation, lower upfront costs but still ensuring a quick and effective service.

For small businesses it’s a great way to add value and create a competitive edge, without costing you a small fortune. You can choose many of the different packages through a pay as you go option, or just use the basic subscription that you need at the time. 

You can then gain access to software services that won’t break the bank in licensing fees, but begin to save your company money and help you compete with the bigger players in your market.


Cloud software ranges from data storing applications like Dropbox and Google Docs, enterprise resource planning, customer resource management, to our very own specialist expenses software MyExpensesOnline, so you can stay connected to the information that you need 24hours a day.

Companies from a whole variety of sectors are contacting the cloud services to work, being able to access their data 24 hours a day outside the office walls.

Having a central hub for all the necessary information improves business intelligence and real time monitoring for each employee, improving collaboration between departments and co-ordination among staff.

Contrary to popular belief that government agencies are the last to catch on with the latest and greatest of technology, we were surprised to find out that 57% of all major councils are now using cloud technology to help with data storage and access to vital information.

It allows companies the flexibility to adapt and scale down expensive offices by allowing highly effective remote working and a back-up to all your vital data without the need for expensive storage and servers.