Balfour Beatty are a global infrastructure group with operations in over 80 countries around the world.

Their team of skilled professionals include designers, planners, engineers, builders, project and facility managers, analysts and consultants to name a few!

With such a diverse range of employees from different countries posting back their expenses to head office, the old manual system started to burst at the seams.

Each form also needed to go through multiple signs offs when travelling their way through departments before finally reaching the payment stage.

When they went through an audit of the expense procedure they highlighted the following areas for improvement:

•    Corporate compliancy
•    Consistent documentation
•    Reduction in expense form chasing
•    Minimise administrative burden
•    A less frustrated workforce chasing payments

How we helped

We can safely say we succeeded in improving each requirement by creating a bespoke expenses system for Balfour Beatty to deal directly with their frustrations.

Our software improved the overall experience for employees and softened the internal headache for the finance team by reducing queries.

The ability for MyExpensesOnline to allow multiple sign offs all at once means that expense claims are no longer waiting with an authoriser for them to move on to the next department. This greatly reduces the time it takes for each and every claim to go through to payment and in an organization of this size, this was extremely important.

As MyExpensesOnline can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet, Balfour Beatty employees can now input and authorize their claims from anywhere in the world, so they don’t have to wait till they’re back in the office, or post their receipts from abroad.

We love supporting the global giant and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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