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As widespsread floods hit Britain next week, dont let your systems get washed away

If you are fed up of trudging through the snow this week, then fear not, the Met Office has announced warmer weather is on its way.


The ice will melt as milder temperatures pull through bringing with them easier travelling conditions for commuters.


Is it good news for everyone? Unfortunately not.


As the snow thaws we are being warned of potential flooding in localised areas, with temperatures likely to rise to 10 degrees in some parts the south.


Roy Stokes from the Environment Agency has urged people to make more snowmen where the threat is more imminent as compacted structures will take longer to melt away!


Although making snowmen everyday may be incredibly fun, on a more serious note have you looked at the disaster recovery options if your business should be dampened with flooding?


At MyExpensesOnline we use the powerful technology of Peer1 as our data centre, in case of such events. By hosting our data off premises in a remote, purpose built facility we can be sure that our clients data is safe and secure in most (if not all) eventualities. Even in an emergency we can offer an unprecedented response time through our cloud based hosting platform.


Cloud computing in simplified terms can be understood as the storing, processing and use of data on remotely located computers accessed over the internet.


As well as being incredibly powerful, Peer1 operates the greenest data centre in the UK in their building called Building 5000.


Through investing £10M in designing and constructing Building 5000, a 5,372m2 data centre, it is the most energy-efficient building of its type in the UK and guarantees the safety and security of our clients data .


It has an additional 11MVA power, room for 20,000 servers, and provides a direct connection to one carrier-class fibre network.


If that wasn’t enough, they have a back up facility located in Hampshire …. Just in case!


If you looking for back up strategies for you systems and data, why not look to the cloud for the best defence against disaster recovery? It is safe, affordable and extremely flexible for your business needs.


If you would like any help getting to grips with cloud technology or have any questions you need answering, give a member of the expense team a call on 01270 611800.