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Charity recovers over £14,000 in twelve months using our expenses software


A year has passed since the Charity, Action for Blind People started using MyExpensesOnline and over the last 12 months they have seen dramatic improvements.

The expenses software they had been using wasn’t accessible with JAWS screen reading technology and certain magnification tools, excluding members of staff with visual impairment from being able to process their claims electronically.

After chatting to our software consultants and explaining the issues they were having, we were able to adapt MyExpensesOnline, integrate it into their financial system and remove the need for manual authorisation and processing. 

All six-hundred staff are now able to input their travel expenses, simply and independently, as MyExpensesOnline is compatible with JAWS which reads the data on screen to the user.

Richard Coope, Managing Director of MyExpensesOnline said: “Working with Action for Blind People has been extremely rewarding. We are delighted that the software allows one easy portal for everybody to use and results in huge savings for the charity”.

The charity is now able to reap the financial rewards it is entitled to.  Within the last twelve months it has been able to recover £6011.26 through accurate mileage claims and a staggering £8978.24 of overall business vat owed. It has also allowed the finance department to concentrate on their core tasks, reducing the time spent on processing expense claims by 80%.

Talking to the Accounts department, Shelley Finch, who used to find processing the expense claims a monthly headache, said:

 “MyExpensesOnline has made my role simpler and more enjoyable. The system not only saves time, but is accurate and allows me to control my workload. No longer do I have to go back and double check entries or correct data inputting from other staff”.

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