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The Royal family expenses under public scrutiny

The Public Accounts Committee will be launching an investigation over the next twelve months into the finances of the Queen and Royal Family.

A change in the law has allowed MPs for the first time to oversee the royals spending and evaluate whether they are providing value for taxpayers money.

It has caused a ripple through Buckingham Palace as the negative publicity of the MPs expense scandal continues and they fear similar reprisal if found misusing public funds.

Looking into what the Royal’s spend their expenses on, we found that in 2011 the annual renovations at St. James Palace, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace topped a huge £9.7 million, with a further one million then spent recently removing the potentially deadly asbestos at Buckingham.

This is not including Royal visits, (which there has been many for the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), trade trips and entertaining which all paid for by the UK taxpayer and will all be under scrutiny by the committee.

It will be interesting to see what the Royal’s consider to be necessary expenses in the coming months.

We will keep you posted!