23 Jan 2018

Introducing Your GDPR Solution – i-Comply-GDPR

Every company that handles personal data will have ongoing data management responsibilities

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08 Jan 2018

GDPR - Too good to be true??

Our developers are working tirelessly to perfect a daily data management solution which will make GDPR compliance effortless

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03 Jan 2018

Point Progress – Cyber Essentials Certification

Point Progress Ltd take security very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that we have processes in place to keep information secure, and have gained this certification to help us better protect ourselves against cyber-attacks

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27 Apr 2017

Top Tips for Rolling Out New Technology

Any changes introduced into a business can be difficult, and new technology is no different

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11 Sep 2014

How to prevent your password from being breached

Website owners are now urging their customers to be cautious when choosing their passwords and ask them to take extra steps to ensure that their personal data is protected

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