26 Sep 2017

House of Lords Expenses Scandal – Does your Company Fall Victim to the Over Claiming Culture?

The Electoral Reform Society has condemned members of the House of Lords for their excessive expense claims

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21 Sep 2017

Dreading the Month End Expenses?

Many are unaware that there is a far simpler and less time-consuming way to manage expenses

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11 Sep 2017

Managing Mileage Expense Claims – Keep Fraud at Bay

Small excesses added onto mileage claims will quickly add up

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05 Sep 2017

HMRC Changes to Advisory Fuel Rates – September 2017

Every 3 months, HMRC review the advisory fuel rates

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14 Aug 2017

Exaggerated Expense Claims Costing UK Economy £1.6 billion Every Year!

The figures above show a developing culture of overclaiming where many employees feel they are entitled to do so

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13 Jun 2017

Mileage Calculations for Electric & Hybrid Cars

Currently HMRC does not consider electricity as a fuel, so where does it fit into the picture?

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