9 days till the end of the world!!

The countdown has started and the panic has begun as the end of the Mayan Calendar nears on the 21st of this month. People from around the world are stocking up on provisions and creating safe survival shelters for their families to avoid perishing during the imminent apocalypse.


Father Christmas shouldn't need to check his expenses twice

Accurate expense claims can be a particular pain for any company and no-one knows this better than Mr.Claus himself. Given that there are 24,906 miles around the world and not every house is located in a nice neat straight line, Santa’s mileage claim alone can be a tricky one to calculate. When he makes a mistake and misses hopping down a chimney, it means there will be a very sad child on Christmas morning. [More]

The Christmas Party Travel and Tribulations

The party month is fast approaching, as you start to plan celebrating a year of hard work. For most departments the slow down starts as staff begin to relax their efforts and start to think about their party outfits, free cocktails and overnight stays. However, with all your staff travelling to one location for the evening it can cause your finance team a real nightmare.