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Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

A new year is a fresh start, and everywhere people are setting their goals and resolutions for January onwards, but what about your business goals? Perhaps you have already considered financial goals and plans for the year ahead, or perhaps you need some inspiration? There are key areas wh... Read more

HMRC Changes to Advisory Fuel Rates – December 2017

Every 3 months, HMRC review the advisory fuel rates. They apply to employees using a company car if: ·         You reimburse employees for business travel ·         Or require employees to repay the cost of pri... Read more

How Can Effective Expense Management Help You Pass an Audit?

Take a look at our handy HMRC audit survival guide, to find out how MEO can help keep your expenses organised and compliant, in preparation for the auditors.   Records Auditors love records! They want to see proof, and when it comes to expenses, excuses won’t cut it! Missing receipt... Read more

How to Avoid the Pre-Christmas Mass Expense Claiming!

A common issue we see with manual expense claiming is the tendency of employees to save up their expense claims throughout the year, and then submit them all just before Christmas.   Whereas this might be a clever savings scheme for the employee, it can be a nightm... Read more

Case Study – Reynolds Catering

Reynolds is one of the leading fresh fruit and veg suppliers, and wholesalers to the UK food service and catering industry, but like many other businesses, they were experiencing the many problems associated with manual expense claiming.   Prior to automating their expenses, there was ... Read more