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The Cost of Expenses Fraud

What is the True Cost of Expenses Fraud? A recent industry survey on the expense habits of 1000 people indicates that 94% of employees submit honest expense claims. An average of 6% don’t. They admit to submitting dishonest claim forms, exaggerating tips and rounding up mileage claims. H... Read more

How Big Should You Be Before You Automate Your Expenses?

When it comes to growing your business, it can often feel like automating is something that only big businesses should be doing. But this perception is wrong, and automating processes sooner rather than later can bring many benefits.Automating your expenses is something that any business can do at a... Read more

Controlling your Staff Expenses in 2014

Staff expenses are becoming increasingly difficult to control with ever-changing regulations it’s difficult to keep up.So we have come up with a list of areas that will help you keep them in check.  Have an effective expense policy Without an expenses policy it is difficult to define what ... Read more