P11D Submission Deadline Approaching

P11D forms report expenses and benefits given to employees and directors through the tax year. The deadline for reporting for year ending 5th April 2017 is 6th July 2017. You must also tell HMRC the total amount of Class 1A national insurance contributions you owe by this date (using P11D(b... [More]

Mileage Calculations for Electric & Hybrid Cars

The approved mileage allowance rate is paid when an employee uses their own car for business purposes, and is designed to include the cost of running the car (not just the fuel). For company’s which provide their employees with a car, the advisory fuel rates are applied to reimburse for the fuel... [More]

Help to Reduce Employee Travel Expenses

Top Tips from the team at MyExpensesOnline, on how to save money on travel expenses.   1.       Ensure there is a written travel policy for all employees, establishing rules and limits on expenses which can be reimbursed. Then make sure the policy is enfo... [More]

Can You Afford the Cost of Badly Managed Expenses?

Following on from our recent blog about bizarre expense claims, how about excessive claims?   It has been reported that the PR chief for the HS2 rail link has spent thousands of pounds on coasters, t-shirts and tickets to party conferences (including the SNP, despite the HS2 not going ... [More]