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There may be a big change ahead for the end of year P11D form

The time has come for the P11D form to be investigated to see if it’s doing the job its set out to do.As we all know the P11D forms have to be completed annually by an employer to cover all staff benefits and expenses that do not appear on the payroll. This applies to complex loan payments, entertai... Read more

How we integrate the expenses software into your business systems

Our online expenses system integrates with all the leading finance and business software.It is designed to be flexible with a fully configurable CSV and XML interface that quickly uploads the data to all commercial systems, including: • Accounting software• Payroll packages• Human resource syst... Read more

Exciting News: Our MyExpensesOnline Android App has now been released!

Never before has staff expenses been so easy than with our new mobile app, that has been released for all Android smartphones.It’s perfect for when you are travelling, as it let’s you keep track of your expenses on the go, just log in and begin to build your claim. Whether you have a large or s... Read more

Controlling your Staff Expenses in 2014

Staff expenses are becoming increasingly difficult to control with ever-changing regulations it’s difficult to keep up.So we have come up with a list of areas that will help you keep them in check.  Have an effective expense policy Without an expenses policy it is difficult to define what ... Read more

Why should you start using expense software?

Many start-ups begin filing their expenses manually on a spreadsheet each month. It’s quite a simple process when you have 1-5 employees on a relatively simple expense run.However, as your business grows, the likelihood of your staff increasingly their travel mileage increases and things become a li... Read more