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Is your finance team ready for the new flexible working laws?

Flexible working is sometimes referred to as remote working, which gives employees the choice to decide where and when they would like to work. It can help people to balance their job with responsibilities at home, keeping more employees in long-term employment and allows businesses to retain cu... Read more

How to cut back on business travel expenses

It used to be the case that travelling on the business was associated with stunning hotels, first class lounges and luxury spending accounts. But what if you aren’t a multi-million pound corporation just yet? Many smaller businesses have to reduce their business travel budgets and encourage thei... Read more

Top 5 Cloud Software Systems We Love

Cloud computing applications are software systems that can be either downloaded or can be accessed online. Many people use cloud-based software when working away from their desks and so have become increasingly popular with remote workers. Cloud applications allow employees to access their p... Read more

Duty of Care - Your employee's are your responsibility

Over the past two decades there has been a number of pieces of legislation that have confused company owners about their obligations for the duty of care of their employees. Since the corporate acts of manslaughter and homicide in 2000, all companies regardless of their size, are responsible for... Read more

How to prepare for an expenses audit from HMRC

HMRC audits have caused sleepless nights for many an account department across the UK. Fortunately, this unpleasant scenario can be averted if you are well prepared. To help finance teams survive the stress, we've put together a few helpful tips to help you comply with HMRC's guidelines. Know ... Read more