14 Aug 2017

Exaggerated Expense Claims Costing UK Economy £1.6 billion Every Year!

The figures above show a developing culture of overclaiming where many employees feel they are entitled to do so

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28 Jun 2017

Sorting Out the Petty Cash!

According to Experian, mismanagement of petty cash costs UK businesses £1.8 billion every year

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13 Jun 2017

Mileage Calculations for Electric & Hybrid Cars

Currently HMRC does not consider electricity as a fuel, so where does it fit into the picture?

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27 Apr 2017

Top Tips for Rolling Out New Technology

Any changes introduced into a business can be difficult, and new technology is no different

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23 Mar 2017

Payrolling Benefits & Expenses

You can now deduct and pay tax on most employee expenses through your payroll, as cash equivalent amounts

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