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How to prepare for an expenses audit from HMRC

HMRC audits have caused sleepless nights for many an account department across the UK. Fortunately, this unpleasant scenario can be averted if you are well prepared. To help finance teams survive the stress, we've put together a few helpful tips to help you comply with HMRC's guidelines. Know ... Read more

Can your business and employees benefit from remote working?

New technologies such as smartphones, tablets and cloud software are making it increasingly easier to access information regardless of an employees location. As a company you may be hesitant of adopting this form of working as there may be a feeling of losing control. However, this new way o... Read more

How to cap inflated mileage claims

For many companies, the most commonly inflated business expense is mileage claims, with research last year showing 71% of employees believe it to be ok to alter their expenses in their favour. When submitting mileage through an excel spreadsheet, it’s normally a long and boring task to go throu... Read more

Heartbleed bug issue, start managing your passwords efficiently

Passwords are valuable bits of data and with headline news announcing the Heartbleed bug during the first week of April, now is the time to consider managing your passwords more efficiently.Since MyExpensesOnline does not use the OpenSSL implementation, the expenses software was never affected by th... Read more