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Payrolling Benefits & Expenses

What is it and what is the benefit? The statutory framework for taxing benefits and expenses has changed. You can now deduct and pay tax on most employee expenses through your payroll, as cash equivalent amounts, rather than using employee tax codes, (through the P11D form). Payrolling is a... Read more

The Cost of Expenses Fraud

What is the True Cost of Expenses Fraud? A recent industry survey on the expense habits of 1000 people indicates that 94% of employees submit honest expense claims. An average of 6% don’t. They admit to submitting dishonest claim forms, exaggerating tips and rounding up mileage claims. H... Read more

Tips For Dealing With The Financial Month-End

When it comes to end of month accounting, the aim is to streamline your process to make closing your books a hassle free as possible. Read on for our tips.Streamlining your process (and putting a process in place in to begin with), will help you to increase efficiency, so you can get  tasks com... Read more

5 Tips To Help You Reduce Business Costs

When it comes to succeeding in business, reducing your costs can have a big impact. In our latest article we highlight some of the most effective cost cutting methods to consider. 1. Manufacturing Manufacturing is typically outsourced to countries where production costs have been historically ... Read more