Employee's vehicles are your responsibility!

Numerous pieces of legislation in the last twenty years have made it more confusing for employers to know what they are considered responsible for.

Since the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2000, all companies, irrespective of size, are responsible for anyone that drives on behalf of the business.



The P11D document is used to report expenses and benefits provided to directors and employees earning a rate of £8,500 or more a year. These can be complicated documents to calculate as all benefits need to be interpreted into a cash equivalent value. [More]

The Old Mill Group Case Study

Since the group have started using MyExpensesOnline they are able to see an accurate picture of where they are spending their money and where valuable savings can be made. Excessive claims are now easily highlighted and the finance team have more time to concentrate on their core activity and increase profit margins for the Old Mill Group. [More]