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How Big Should You Be Before You Automate Your Expenses?

When it comes to growing your business, it can often feel like automating is something that only big businesses should be doing. But this perception is wrong, and automating processes sooner rather than later can bring many benefits.Automating your expenses is something that any business can do at a... Read more

How to prevent your password from being breached

Last week we watched as private photos of A-list celebrities were leaked due to online hackers. This attack was believed to have targeted their usernames, passwords and security questions. Website owners are now urging their customers to be cautious when choosing their passwords and ask ... Read more

Sonomatic Case Study

Sonomatic are a worldwide organisation whose expertise is ultrasonic design, development and application in the oil and gas sector. Being such a large company, they needed to find a simple and powerful expenses system to assist them with all of their employee’s expenses. Sonomatic are committ... Read more