Controlling your staff expenses in 2013

Increasingly employee expenses are becoming more difficult to control, with limited resources to check inaccuracies, inability to enforce corporate policy and perpetually changing regulations. Today we are looking at simple areas to control staff spending.


The affordable expense solution for Studio 187

The Glasgow based software house, Studio 187, which provides website services for organisations around the globe, has chosen MyExpensesOnline to submit their company expenses whilst on the move. As a small start up by two entrepreneurial brothers, the company has quickly expanded, moving through Europe with a number of software development contracts. [More]

9 days till the end of the world!!

The countdown has started and the panic has begun as the end of the Mayan Calendar nears on the 21st of this month. People from around the world are stocking up on provisions and creating safe survival shelters for their families to avoid perishing during the imminent apocalypse.