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Dreading the Month End Expenses?

It’s the end of the month (again), which means a roundup of expense claims for many employees, submitting the claims and locating the lost receipts - which can often cause further delays and means missing the batch process of salaries and expense payments. In these circumstances, the expenses wi... Read more

Managing Mileage Expense Claims – Keep Fraud at Bay

The expense claim which is one of the most susceptible to fraud is mileage. There can be some genuine reasons for inaccurate claims, such as employees not keeping accurate records, but unfortunately a culture has developed where employees consistently claim inaccurately for mileage, because t... Read more

HMRC Changes to Advisory Fuel Rates – September 2017

Every 3 months, HMRC review the advisory fuel rates. They apply to employees using a company car if: ·         You reimburse employees for business travel ·         Or require employees to repay the cost of pri... Read more

Go Green with MEO

There are so many benefits of implementing an automated expense system in your business. Saving time & money is always appealing, but what about another benefit which will give your business a huge “green” thumbs up?   Incorporating green practices help the environment and the bot... Read more

Future Proof your Expenses

Most businesses have a business plan. There are goals for the future, which are either short or long term, but many of the challenges which arise from moving forward, come from the least expected places.   Simple processes and policies can quickly buckle under the demand of an expandin... Read more